Welcome to the Kyoua Party's English website.
We are the new Great East Asian political
party, and we hope to attract more support for the democratization of
East Asia, as well as establish a new Greater East Asian
Co-Prosperity Sphere. We hope that the people of Manchuria, Japan,
Taiwan, Hong Kong and China will join us in this effort. The
following is our organizational structure, membership, platform and
so on. If any are interested in joining the Party and its work,
please contact us at :

We have also joined the Fucking China Organization to destroy Communist China together.


Time Event

We held the H24 Hong Kong Yasukuni Jinja Adore Trip to adore the heroes of the Great East Asian War


2012/8/15 In the day of End of the Pacific War 67 years, we memorized the sacrificed solider by facing the Yasukuni Jinja to salute.

2011/12/23 Today is the Emperor's Birthday, we congratulate to His Majesty.

2011/9/18 We celebrate the Manchurian Incident 80th anniversary which marks the Independence of Manchuria.
2011/8/15 In the day of End of the Pacific War 66 years, we memorized the sacrificed solider by facing the Yasukuni Jinja to salute.
2011/4/17 This was the day of signing the Treaty of Shimonoseki for 116 years, Formosa (Taiwan) became Japanese Territories. We celebrate for it.
2010/11/6 We have knew the fact of the Sino-Japanese Warship Incident from movie. The incident is clearly the responsibility of Chinese government and citizens. The Chinese government make deputy between China and Japan, destroy the East Asia peace. They must apologize and repay to Japan.

We have to verify to Chinese people that it is Chinese Communist Government who carry our totalitarian rule and destroy the world peace. All Japan, Manchuria and China citizen should unite together to fight the Chinese Communist.

2010/9/13 We once more state that Senkaku Shotou is the territories of Japan. We urge the Chinese and Taiwanese ship do not enter the area once more!

We also celebrate the Manchuria Incident 79th anniversary which help the establishment of Manchuria Independence.

2010/8/15 We established, we set up at this day is to show our heart to resume the East Asia prosperity
2010/8/15 We memorized the end of the Greater East Asia War

Our office set up Japan, China and Manchukuo Flag to show our heart.


From the above map, we can see how People's Republic of China invade the East Asia after its establishment. Such that we must destroy it!

Our priority is to build a new East Asia. In this new East Asia,
there will be no dictatorship, the formerly totalitarian countries
will be assisted by the free and democratic countries, and all East
Asian countries will work together for the establishment of a free
political and economic union- "Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity
Sphere," a common body which will not have serious political
conflicts, and may become the biggest political and economic union in
the world.

Platform on the whole East Asian region:

1Manchuria: We believe that in the Second World War, Manchuria,
though defeated, is still legally an independent state. Japan after
the war was allowed to remain independent, Manchuria had no reason to
be annexed to China. We support the liberation of Manchuria, and
believe that, as in Japan, South Korea and Taiwan, US forces should
be stationed in Manchuria to counterbalance China.
2. Korea: We believe that because of the North Korean tyrannical
regime, the people daily suffer all kinds of political persecution,
starvation, a real living death. So South Korea has the absolute
responsibility jointly with the United States, Japan and Taiwan to
liberate North Korea and complete reunification of the Korean
Peninsula under the flag of the Republic of Korea.
3. Taiwan: According to the official agreement after World War II,
the Chiang Kai-shek regime only temporarily managed Taiwan but China
is not Taiwan's sovereign. Then came the Chinese civil war, the
Chiang Kai-shek regime was defeated and moved to Taiwan and has
become a government in exile. It is not a legitimate regime, and
there is no qualified replacement. Japan signed the so-called
"Sino-Japanese Peace Treaty." also known as the San Francisco Peace
Treaty in 1952, accordingly, Japan gave up sovereignty over Taiwan,
so no power is legally sovereign of Taiwan. Therefore, Taiwan should
return to full independence and be a sovereign state, However,
Taiwan's strength is too weak, and too many Chinese Communist Party
agents have infiltrated it, so the party's proposal is to return
Taiwan to Japan, until Communist China can be more effectively
4. Hong Kong: Hong Kong and Kowloon, under the treaty signed with the
United Kingdom, is permanently ceded, it should be permanently under
British sovereignty. Furthermore, after Hong Kong's "Return" to
Communist China, China has repeatedly violated the Sino-British Joint
Declaration and the law, repeatedly interfered with our internal
affairs, rejected universal suffrage in Hong Kong. Therefore,
Communist China has lost sovereignty over Hong Kong. Hong Kong should
be eligible to hold a referendum to decide whether to be independent
or return to the United Kingdom.
5. Japan: we strive for abolition of the Peace Constitution of Japan,
restoration of "Great Japanese Empire," the country to resume the
armed forces and the resumption of sovereignty over Taiwan. Japanese
should have nuclear weapons to contain communist China and prepare
for the liberation of China.
6. China: We call upon the United States and Japan, Taiwan and South
Korea to immediately prepare for the liberation of China and North
Korea, and to help the two politically democratize.
On Manchukuo's platform:
We have the following lines:
1. To continue to lead the country toward full independence, to free
Manchurian land, all the people of East Asia will be allowed to
immigrate to the new Manchukuo, all nationals will have equal status.
2. To promote a strong nation and military power in order to win the
War of Independence in the future against the PRC and the DPRK.
3. To promote the democratization of domestic politics in order to
speed up the leadership and the parliamentary elections on behalf of
the Central Government, to encourage the establishment of political
parties and to create political parties.
4. To promote the full independence movement through education, so
that more people in East Asia, Europe and the United States will
support the independence of Manchuria.
Japan and surrounding areas :

1. We support the sovereignty of the Japanese over their own waters.

2. We support Japan's claim to the Kuril Islands and the southern
half of Sakhalin, we support recovering these territories via war
with Russia if necessary.

3. From the ROC government's own book, it shows that nine of the
Senkaku Islands in Okinawa Prefecture are Japan's territory,
sovereignty belongs to Japan, obviously.

4. Takeshima is Japanese territory, while South Korea is Japan's
Ally, to avoid bad relations between Japan and South Korea, we
recommend that South Korea withdraw its troops from Dokdo Island.


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